Wet hire teams: dogging and rigging

For your convenience, Complete Rigging offers wet hire services all across Victoria. For those not down with construction lingo, that means we offer an experienced operational team along with our equipment available for hire. That includes our experienced dogging and rigging teams as well!

What’s the difference between dogging and rigging?

Hiring through complete rigging means you can enlist not only the right machines, but also dogging and rigging services through us. But what’s the difference between the two? And how do you know which you will need to undertake your project? We’ll walk you through the differences between dogging and rigging.

What is dogging?

When it comes to construction dogging and labour hire, Doggers are personnel who have expertise in securing and directing sling loads. Dogmen will select the best equipment and decide the safest way to move a load. In order to perfectly utilise a crane to carry out a lift, regardless of the size of the load, it’s important to consider which method and machine is best to use. This is when a Dogman’s services are required. They will consider the load size, weight, and centre of gravity to ensure your slinging runs smoothly. Whenever a crane operator can no longer visually locate the load, the Dogman will direct them via radio, hand signals, and whistles to ensure proper care. Dogging also includes attaching and detaching the load throughout its movement.

A Dogman must hold a high-risk work license and undertake a dogging training course. Without their presence on a project, there could be serious hazards when to comes to safely moving loads. You can rest assured that Complete Rigging doggers come completely trained and qualified in dogging labour.

What is rigging?

A hire rigger can usually do everything a dogger can. Dogging and rigging go hand in hand, but a rigger can employ more advanced techniques. A rigger will require a rigging license and experience when it comes to using hoists and pulleys. Their scope of capabilities may differ depending on what additional licenses they have. The actual term ‘rigging’ has broad specifications in mechanical load lifting. A rigger will have experience in safely erecting useable structures, as well as the subsequent dismantlement of them when project work has been completed. Riggers will also take responsibility for selecting the correct equipment to carry out the work.

To achieve a rigging license, a rigger must first obtain a dogging license, so hiring one of our riggers is similar to hiring a dogger, but with additional expertise included.

So, which do you need when considering labour hire for your project?

To assist you with deciding between dogging and rigging, and properly identifying which is most suitable for your worksite, we have broken down the capabilities each labour hire option covers. You’ll need to apply these abilities to your own project and consider which services suit your project best.

A dogger is responsible for:

  • Employing slinging techniques.
  • Determining load weight.
  • Selecting and assessing the correct equipment to be used.
  • Directing the crane operator when visibility is compromised.
  • Ensuring safe practices are upheld at all times.

A rigger is responsible for:

  • All above dogger responsibilities.
  • Shifting, moving, or securing the load with a load shifting system.
  • Raising and dismantling structures, cranes, and hoists.
  • Installing safety nets, static lines, and crane loading platforms.
To simplify the two, a dogger works with everything below the crane hook. A rigger is responsible for the same, however they also work with anything above the hook.

Let us be part of your team

At Complete Rigging, our labour hire services are available across Victoria. With over 30 years of experience, our team is the best choice for all your crane hire needs. Our dogging and rigging service is top notch, and we’re fully committed to supplying outstanding service. If you’re still unable to decide which service to pick and need further advice on our crane or labour hire options, we encourage you to contact us.

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