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Complete Rigging Provide Structural Steel Erection Services Across Melbourne and Victoria

Here at Complete Rigging, we like to think that structural steel is, quite literally, what supports Australia. We understand that the importance of a quality structural frame is second only to the foundation in ensuring that a building is built to last. With over 30 years of industry experience, we are Victoria’s structural steel specialists.

The team here at Complete Rigging pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Our team always work with extreme professionalism, adhering to stringent safety standards when undertaking any structural steel erection project. Learn about our structural steel erection services below.

Steel Erection Services
Structural steel work

Our Structural Steel Erection Work

The Complete Rigging team are fully qualified and licensed to work on structural steel erection projects of all types and sizes. Our company specialises in large scale civil and commercial structural steel construction projects, but we are able and willing to service domestic and residential projects as well.

Services that we provide include:

  • Crane Labour Hire
  • Mobile Crane Operation

  • Preassembly of Structural Steel Components

  • Erecting Structural Steel Components  

  • Rigging and Hoisting Structural Steel Components
  • Installing Temporary and Permanent Bracing
  • Adjustment and Alignment of Structural Steel Components
  • Bolting, Riveting, or Site Welding Structural Steel Components

Don’t hesitate to contact us about any structural steel service not already listed above or if you want to make any further enquiries into our services.

Hire the Structural Steel Erection Specialists Today and Get the Best Results on Your Next Project.

Why Choose Structural Steel Erection?

If you are currently in the planning stages of a development and deciding on building materials, consider using structural steel for your next project. Structural steel has a variety of distinct advantages over other building materials including:

Structural steel
Steel building


Structural steel is non-combustible, resistant to rust and corrosion if properly treated, does not mould or mildew, and resistant to splintering or shattering. All these factors reduce the risks to both the work crew during construction and the subsequent occupants of the structure.

Reduced Cost

Structural steel is both relatively cheap and pre-assemblage of components reduces construction times significantly, which decreases the overall cost of the building.

Cheap and Pre-assemblage of Components
Steel structure

Durability and Weight

Structural steel has a very high strength to weight ratio, meaning steel structures are strong yet very lightweight compared to structures built using other material.

Flexibility and Adaptability

A steel structure can be formed into shapes which are impossible with other building materials while steel frames can easily be adapted to fit any future extensions added to a building.

Structural Steel Erection Locations

Complete Rigging is based in Coolaroo, Melbourne and we provide our structural steel erection services to the entirety of Victoria. A selection of our work locations include:

  • Melbourne
  • Geelong

  • Ballarat

  • Castlemaine  

  • Heathcote

  • Bendigo
  • Shepparton

  • Wodonga

  • Seymour

  • Puckapunyal

For specific long-term projects, we can potentially provide our services interstate. Contact us today to make an enquiry about our work locations.

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